Most architectural glass today is produced using the flat glass process. The flat glass in various standard thicknesses and sizes, so the glass can be reprocessed later. flat glass; It has certain properties in terms of color, transparency, emissivity, strength, pressure resistance, heat resistance and chemical resistance. By laminating or coating glass, we can add features that make the glass function and look its best in your project.

Glass improves our lives in many ways. It protects us from the cold and the bright lights of the sun, reduces outside noise and keeps us safe. It also contributes to increasingly important economic and sustainability goals.

Thermal Insulation

Glass can improve building performance without sacrificing natural light. Temperatures that vary during the day or between seasons and in different climates make it difficult to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Thermal insulated glass allows natural light to enter, while reflecting heat back inside, reducing the negative effects of cold air outside.

Windows can be more energy efficient by using double or triple glazing. This makes living or work spaces more comfortable year-round, and can even reduce drafts and cold spots, as well as reduce fogging. On the one hand, we beautify the transparency of the glass, on the other hand, the glass offers you the freedom to use larger windows that will fill the interiors of your homes and offices with natural daylight. Thus, we aim to help people live better and be more productive at work.



Consumer and industry awareness of sustainability is also increasing in the construction industry. Because of its energy-balancing properties, glass is an important element that will help reduce both heating and cooling costs, as well as contribute to obtaining globally recognized green building program certifications.

Solar Control

If you need lots of natural daylight but want to reflect a high proportion of the heat from the sun – solar control glass is the solution. It reduces the “greenhouse effect”, which causes uncomfortable overheating of rooms in summer. Solar control glass limits this from happening, reducing irritating glare from the sun while allowing natural daylight in.

Solar control glass allows you to create light in a variety of colors, and can even be combined with laminated glass for added safety and security.

Financial and Sustainable Benefits

Solar control glass helps limit high air conditioning costs by minimizing the amount of heat energy passing through the glass. Large window and façade surfaces also allow plenty of light to reach the interior of the building, preventing excessive use of artificial lighting.

Noise Control in Glass

As urban areas develop and expand, noise pollution can become a real problem in buildings. Too much noise can harm health and well-being: sleep disturbances may occur, stress levels may increase, and some people may experience a lack of concentration at work. By reducing noise, people can be more comfortable in their lives and working areas.

Acoustic Insulating Glass


Acoustic insulating glass combines the advantages of noise reduction and the increased safety, security and UV protection provided by laminated safety glass. Besides these, other features such as solar control, thermal insulation or decorative effects can be added. Acoustic insulating glass is often used in partitions, doors and windows to reduce noise between rooms inside a building.

Security Glass

We all want to use reliable products that will ensure our safety. Glass is often laminated to protect people from glass breakage. Laminated safety glass can be used in many different ways to provide greater impact resistance, increase safety and security, and even offer UV protection.

Heat Treated Glass

Glass can also be heat treated to increase its safety properties. Tempered (toughened and heat treated) glass is used where high strength, thermal resistance and safety are vital. When tempered glass breaks, it breaks into small, circular pieces instead of large, pointed pieces, providing an added safety feature.

Aesthetic in Glass

Every glass project is unique and the level of reflection, light transmission or privacy varies. Whatever you need, glass can help you make it happen. If you want perfect clarity and an extraordinary field of view, you can use almost invisible transparent glass, and you can use translucent glass to provide privacy as well as light transmittance.

Transparency in Glass

If clear glass is what you need, you can find high quality transparency glass for the glass projects. Many indoor and outdoor projects require crystal clear clear glass with reduced reflection. Our anti-reflective glass is virtually invisible, combining functionality and beauty to maximize visibility and minimize light reflection for a virtually seamless viewing experience.

Color and Reflection in Glass

Glass can bring color and reflection to any environment. By creating decorative effects that add a new dimension to interior design or building facades. If you want the glass facade you have created to have a distinctive appearance, you can bring a very nice integrity to the overall aesthetic by making use of indoor and outdoor reflections, the use of color and the changes of these features in different light conditions.

Different Shapes and Sizes

At Guardian, we develop products that exceed the demands of modern architecture, and across all of our products we aim to help you push the boundaries of what’s possible. We produce almost invisible glass for curved building cladding with coatings that maintain their strength and stability. Glass can also be produced in large panel sizes today. Thus, it expands your freedom to innovate and create designs that are both unique and striking.