Glass brings light and freshness to our home every day throughout the year. However, we may be overlooking how glass can offer so many more possibilities today and transform living spaces like never before.

Glass brings light and freshness to our home every day throughout the year. But we may be overlooking how glass can offer so many more possibilities today and transform living spaces like never before.

At Guardian Glass, we strive to see what’s possible (See What’s Possible™) and strive to ensure that our glass products and technologies deliver the best features.

Imagine a house filled with light and at the same time offering maximum privacy or great visibility in a neutral color with sun protection. Consider that it also offers high-level energy efficiency and sound insulation.

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Which is the right glass?

The windows in your home can offer high performance as well as great vision. What you need may be safety, thermal insulation, sun protection or soundproofing.

See what residential glazing can do for you

Your home is the place that keeps you safe and secure. However, if any material or system becomes a problem, you may face high bills, damage, injury or worse. The improvements you will make in your home so that you can work, have fun and rest in the areas you live in will reduce these risks.

Take care to use glass when improving your home. Because windows help you in many different ways, from sun control, which allows to control the temperature spreading around, to safety glass, which reduces the risk of injury. In addition, while doing all these, it offers both a beautiful view and natural light. With exterior and interior residential glazing, you can create a comfortable corner, an efficient office or almost anything you can imagine. Discover how choosing the right glass can improve your quality of life and the beauty of your home:

Provide hot and cold insulation

Thermal insulation and solar control glasses help prevent your home from overcooling or overheating, keeping the interior at a comfortable temperature.

Imagine that you are so comfortable at home that you never want to leave, and that you always want to return home when you are out. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold or hot outside. You will be happy and safe when your home and its contents are protected from the cold or heat outside. Energy efficient glass can play a vital role in this.

Why should you consider thermal insulation for your home?

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Do you get overwhelmed by the heat at home in the summer that you have trouble falling asleep? So, do you need to wear several layers of clothing to be comfortable in the winter season? Your home should be a shelter from natural events. If you are not comfortable, it may be because your home is not well insulated.

Perhaps there are points where heat or cold leaks, making your heating system or air conditioner inefficient. The point is to maintain a constant and comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year, regardless of the outside temperature. There are many effective ways to improve the thermal insulation of your home so you can enjoy the ideal temperature year-round.

Why window glass can be a good investment

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Imagine a new energy-efficient glass that will help keep your home at the perfect temperature any time of the year. You can reduce heat loss in winter and air conditioning inefficiency in summer. Improving window insulation is a real investment. Energy-saving glass can help you save electricity or gas and achieve greater comfort and an improved energy classification for your home.

How can you maintain your comfortable temperature by insulating your home?

There are several places in homes where thermal leaks are most likely to occur, such as ceilings, windows, walls and floors. One solution that will provide adequate thermal insulation in your home is to replace your old windows with energy efficient windows.

There are three main factors that affect the energy efficiency of a window:

Frame and quality of the material. Cold air, heat or humidity can enter through the connection areas.

Installation between the frame and the facade. If the windows are not closed well, cold and hot air will find a way through.

Glass composition. Since it can cover %80 of the window area, it is the most important factor for a good thermal insulation of your window.

Reduce energy consumption at home

You can reduce energy consumption and costs by replacing old window panes with energy efficient glasses.

Find comfort and save money with energy efficient glass

Saving energy is on everyone’s minds, from global companies that put timers on lights to individuals who shower faster. Even the smallest steps you take will help you reduce your energy costs and use natural resources less.

Whatever the energy needs of your home, there are very efficient ways to improve thermal insulation and reduce energy use. Start now by learning how you and your family can make a difference.

Why saving the energy?

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Do you know how much energy you expend to keep your home at a comfortable temperature? You know that gas and electricity are valuable resources and you want to reduce their use, but you still feel that you cannot reach the ideal temperature inside your home. By improving the thermal insulation of the windows in your home, you can prevent the heat inside from escaping and cold air from leaking in, so you can run the heating system and air conditioner less.

How to save energy?

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You may have already taken some measures to save energy and save on electricity and gas bills. These measures may include installing an energy efficient thermostat. But the thermal insulation of your home allows you to achieve a greater change in improving energy efficiency. You can provide this insulation by choosing different materials for the exterior of your house. Installing more energy efficient glass on the windows in your home is an extremely effective step towards reducing energy consumption.

Why window glass can be a good investment?

All home improvements have a cost. However, the investment you make to install energy efficient windows will have an impact on your monthly energy bills! You can reduce heating and air conditioning use, reduce electricity and gas bills, and even increase the value of your home. You can also get more comfort and well-being.

How window glass contributes to the energy savings of the house?

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If you have to expend a lot of energy to achieve comfort, the windows in your home may be worn out and not provide enough insulation. Imagine achieving an ideal indoor atmosphere with minimal heating or cooling. It is possible to live comfortably at home in all seasons.

There are three main factors that affect the energy efficiency of a window:

Frame and material quality. The material of the window frame can be wood, aluminum or PVC. Poor material quality can cause cracking, rotting, drafts and energy loss.
Assembly. Work with experienced experts. Poor assembly or insulation can result in energy loss.

Combination of glass. It is critical that the window be very well thermally insulated, as it can occupy as much as %80 of the window area.