Insulating glass unit is formed by combining two or more glass plates under factory conditions to contain dry air or gases suitable for ambient pressure between them. Insulating glass system that emerges as a result of combining two or three window glasses as a single glass system by separating them from each other with vacuum or gas-filled spaces in order to reduce heat transfer is called Isıcam.

Insulating glass units are produced by assembling more than one glass plate to form a single system. The number of glass plates used in insulating glass systems produced today is up to three plates with the effect of increasing energy costs.

The panels used in insulating glass systems are separated from each other by laths. Inside each separated section is inert air or gas. These combined glasses are mounted on wider window profiles in order to tolerate the glass thicknesses.

In addition to increased sound insulation, insulated glass products also provide an ideal energy saving advantage. The sealed space between the two glasses acts as a secondary insulating agent. Increased thermal resistance reduces the amount of heat lost in winter, keeping your home warmer.

Insulating glass has the opposite effect of preventing unwanted heat from entering the house in summer. This additional insulation significantly reduces the need for the use of air conditioners and heaters, minimizing your energy costs.

When standing near windows, air currents caused by insulation weakness are easily felt. However, when it comes to the use of insulating glass, unwanted temperature currents are prevented, while the glass in the interior remains at a temperature close to the room temperature.

Fence glass can prevent unhealthy formations that may occur on the joinery by reducing fogging.

The insulated double glazing is effective in reducing medium and high frequency noise such as human voice. The difference in inner and outer glass thicknesses provides a much more effective sound insulation. Although double glazed windows are safer than single glazed conventional windows, the use of tempered and laminated glasses should be preferred to provide even higher security.

The best way of heat and light insulation in your home offers you the opportunities of the new generation thermal insulated glass comfort series. With the insulating glass produced using solar Lowe glass, the coated glass produced for the purpose of heat and sun control will not make your home, office or workplace lose its warmth in winter, it will provide 50% more insulation than other double-layered glasses, and will reduce heating costs.

Thermal insulated glass comfort does not compromise its transparency and natural appearance compared to other standard glasses or double-layered glasses.

Compared to the standard double-layered glass used in PVC joinery doors and windows, which are now indispensable in new constructions recently, this new new generation product will make you forget what it is to feel hot or cold in front of a window or door. In addition, thanks to the argon gas used in between, no sound will come from your glass even at the smallest decibel.

We can say that it is the most beautiful and healthy measure that can be taken both for families with children living in metropolitan cities and especially if a new individual has come, both to not get cold and against the noises that may come from outside.

Features of Insulating Glass

  • It is the closest image to colorless flat glass.
  • It does not block sunlight.
  • By keeping the heat inside in winter, it reduces heat losses by 77% compared to single glass, 50% compared to heat insulated glass, and saves fuel costs.
  • It reduces the sun’s heat entering in summer by 40% compared to heat-insulated glass and saves on cooling costs.
  • If heat insulated glass comfort is used instead of standard double glazing, the additional expenditure made will return in 1-2 years with the savings in air conditioning investment cost and heating-cooling energy.
  • It reduces the phenomenon of cold in winter and hot in summer in front of windows.